Coppins is committed to building the best. From the concept and design, to testing and manufacturing, every step is meticulously researched to deliver world class products.

We take complex problems and turn our ideas into functional solutions. Customers -  individuals, businesses and governments alike regularly talk to us about ideas they have and would like to see us transform into reality. We then identify the options for solving the problem and move forward with the design.

Working with local as well as international organisations give us the ability to refine our technology. Experts in their relative fields exist all around the world and we seek out the best minds and professional opinions to help us craft our design concepts. We pride ourselves in accomplishing what has never been done before.

Commitment to being the best means sometimes we are unable to find materials that meet our exacting standards. When this happens we have the ability to develop custom fabric, components and materials. Our award winning custom made fabrics and components, especially with the Coppins Para Sea Anchor technology are what set us apart from the competition.

Coppins Para Sea Anchor technology
Researched to deliver world class products
Award winning custom made fabrics and components