The Protector Series Work Station Membrane is a form of protective equipment designed to minimise the physical interaction between workers where two metre distancing of work stations cannot be maintained, such as on construction sites, queues, offices, processing lines and in packing sheds. The PVC screen provides an impervious barrier which protects workers from splashes, sprays and aerosols, whilst allowing full range of motion and operations to maintain business productivity.

The Protector Series Work Station Membrane is designed and manufactured in New Zealand from high quality .75mm dimensionally stable UV stabilised clear PVC.

Advantages of the Protector Series Work Station Membrane include:

  • Protection from splashes, sprays and aerosols
  • No impact to productivity or operations
  • No impact to worker comfort
  • Does not impede visual or verbal communications
  • Can be disinfected easily
  • Can be used in conjunction with personal protective equipment
  • Can be rolled up whilst remaining in place for easy storage when not required
  • Is flexible and flexes with body contact to allow a larger range of motion

Industry Uses

  • Chemists
  • Medical Centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Food production facilities, e.g. pack houses, seafood processing
  • Wood processing and manufacturing
  • Public services
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Control rooms
  • Educational facilities
  • Public queues
  • Vessel division

Business Continuity

Worksafe NZ recommends "Placing an impervious barrier between workers to enable them to keep a 2-metre distance from each other or where it isn’t reasonably practicable for your business to implement the 2 metre distance". When used according to directions, the Protector Series Work Station Membrane forms a key component of safe work practices which minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission for essential businesses.