Solving problems with
advanced textile solutions

Face Shields - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) NZ
Workstation Membranes - Protective Equipment NZ
Vehicle Divider Membranes - Protective Equipment NZ

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the solutions offered by Coppins are recognised worldwide. Applications include products for the maritime, aviation, industrial and horticulture industries as well personal protective equipment (PPE).


The latest innovations from the design and fabrication team include protective equipment such as the Protector Series Face Shield, the Vehicle Divider Membrane and large scale Work Station Membranes and barriers for supermarkets and production operations such as fruit pack houses. 

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New Zealanders have a reputation for fresh thinking, adventure, invention and discovery.  Where others see barriers, we have a reputation for seeing possibilities…... Coppins has a long history of evaluating those possibilities, developing solutions, and making them work in practice.